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If your child is currently taking classes with us, to avoid another registration fee, give us a call and we will move them over to our Summer classes.

If your child hasn't taken classes with us before, welcome!

Our Intro to Climbing Class is where they will want to start. 


Give us a call, or email our director if you have questions about any of our classes!




For kids and teens ages 6-17

New to rock climbing? Our 4 week introductory class is the perfect place to start. Our experienced instructors will guide your child or teen through the process of learning how to climb safely and effectively. 


During the course of this class, your climber will be introduced to top-rope climbing, bouldering, climbing safety, and climbing techniques that will help create a foundation for scaling the walls. 

This course is required to complete before participating in our other youth classes. If your child or teen has previous climbing experience, please reach out to our Director of Youth Programs and she will help match your child's skill level to the right class. 

Course starts at the beginning of every month. Choose between our Monday or Tuesday class.

$75/course + one-time $19 reg. fee

Free harness & shoe rentals during class

* Includes a FREE 10 punch climbing pass to use during the month of the class (rentals included)


Mondays or Tuesdays


1 Hour Per Week

Summer Start Dates: 

June 3rd & 4th

July 1st & 2nd



Ages 3-5

Welcome to our toddler climbing class! This class is designed for children ages 3-5 and their parent. 


During the course of the class, children will learn the basics of climbing and safety while having fun through games both on and off the wall. Our experienced instructors will teach parents how to belay their child safely during class.


We believe that climbing is a great way to develop your child’s gross motor skills, build their self-confidence, and improve their problem-solving abilities. Our classes are designed to be engaging and fun, so your child will have a great time while learning new skills.​


Free harness & shoe rental during class


Mondays 9AM-10AM



Ages 6-15

After completing the Intro to Climbing Course, your child is ready for our Summit Seekers program. 


Summit Seekers meet every week and expand on the basics of safe climbing and essential climbing techniques through games, activities and drills. 


Your child will build the stamina, strength and knowledge to climb confidently while being a part of a supportive community of friends. 


Choose between our Tuesday or Wednesday class based on your schedule and what would be best for you and your child. 

$70/month + one-time $19 reg. fee

Free harness & shoe rental during class

*Membership not included


Tuesdays 9AM-10AM

Wednesdays 9AM-10AM

1 Hour Per Week



Ages 8-17

Youth Climbing Club is designed for your intermediate climber. Coaches will focus on helping climbers learn more in-depth climbing skills and techniques while building endurance and having fun. This includes climbing more often and working to increase their range in climbing difficulty.

​$80/month + one-time $19 reg. fee 

Free equipment rental during class

*FREE MEMBERSHIP included for summer months that your child is enrolled in class


Tuesdays 9:00AM-10:30AM

Wednesdays 9:00AM-10:30AM

1.5 Hours Per Week



Ages 12-17

Our Comp Team is for advanced level climbers who are dedicated to training and are ready to start competing. They must be competent at a 5.10 sport route and V4 boulder problems.


Climbers will learn advanced climbing technique, strong belay skills, and overall knowledge of climbing safety. This is a class designed to keep pushing their skills while also creating overall confidence on any wall.


Identified climbers will have an option to learn the principles and safety involved with lead climbing.

Climbers will compete in local and USAC competitions.

As a member of our Competition team, climbers will have additional time, travel, and financial commitments that will be required for participating in the USAC competition circuit. 

$100/month + one-time $19 reg. fee 

Free equipment rentals during class



Tuesdays and Thursdays


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